Feedback From Colleagues Around the Country

Applications of PEMF Cellular Exercise

I learned about PEMF because of some great colleagues across the country, principally Dr. David Lee, whom you can meet in one of the videos below. These videos were compiled by the manufacturer of the equipment we all use, that made by Pulse Centers. These videos will give you a much better idea of how this technology can boost your health moreso than anything I could compile on my own.

I appreciate especially Dr. Robert Gilliland, whose video is at the top, providing a look at the equipment we use. He also has compiled an extensive library of video testimonials. Media technology is something I’ve yet to master. But as you can see from the “record” button farther down the page, I’d be thrilled to hear from my own clients, as well as any other practitioner interested in submitting a recording that recounts their experience with PEMF.

— Gary

We’d love to hear from you!

Whether a patient or practitioner, please tell us about your experience with PEMF. You can record video from your phone or webcam-equipped computer by pressing the red button below. You’ll also have to “allow” the program to use your webcam. When finished record, click SUBMIT.

Your video will go into a database where we will check and possibly edit. Once we receive your video, we’ll email a release form for your signature, along with a link to view exactly how the video will appear on our website, and possibly Youtube channel and Facebook page.

Thanks very much.

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