Frequently Asked Questions

Examining PEMF
What does pulsed electromagnetism feel like as it's applied?

Our equipment allows separate settings for frequency (the rapidity of pulses) and intensity (how hard each one hits). We set these in combination to be at a level that is comfortable, but just on the edge of becoming uncomfortable. After some orientation, you control the dials. You might say that it feels similar to vibration, or at a highly intense pulse at low frequency, a thumbing. But we never set the machine to where it hurts.

Why is PEMF Cellular Exercise necessary?
We live in an industrialized world and have thus removed ourselves from a large portion of the earth’s magnetic force, while simultaneously subjecting ourselves to electromagnetic fields from sources such as WiFi, microwaves, cell batteries and various electronics. Our poor cells are being “scrambled” in a sense. PEMF penetrates into the cell, delivering energy to the organelles. This enables improved functioning, and replicates a better cell (think of photocopying a sharp, crisp document as opposed to a  messy, crumbled document). Raw foods, hydration and physical exercise also recharge our cells, but each of those has also been downgraded in today’s modern lifestyle.
What should I expect from my first session?
PEMF Exercise can help you feel energized, and this feeling can build for a few hours after a session. Take note of how long this feeling lasts; it may indicate how many sessions you’ll need to achieve your goals. But you also could feel tired due to a release of toxins. If this occurs, rest and drink plenty of fluids to promote rapid detox. In rare instances, you may encounter a cold or flu early in a series of sessions.
What are the side effects?
If you leave your cell phone on the charger after it’s fully charged what happens? Essentially nothing; the battery doesn’t accept what it doesn’t need. But as with exercise, there can be some residual residual soreness with PEMF if the application was too long or too strong.
What if I'm not getting results?
The surface-level inflammation of  recently acquired acute orthopedic pain may dissipate within a few sessions. But a deeper dive into your body’s organs takes much more time. As a general rule, it takes on average 10 hours of PEMF exercise to develop a foundation of energy to optimize cell function. Chronic, long-standing issues may take longer to respond and a maintenance program may be required for best results.
What is PEMF exercise?
  • PEMF Exercise uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to bathe low energy cells in pure, raw energy. Each cell in your body is actually a capacitor, or battery, which holds a charge. Your entire body is electrical and your cells each need a measurable electrical charge to function optimally. In order to maintain good wellness, cells must be doing their jobs. PEMF Exercise supports the body’s natural abilities to optimize balanced body functions –the definition of wellness.
  • Decades ago Dr. Harold Saxton Burr’s groundbreaking research observed that measurable imbalances in the energy field of an organ preceded the onset of pathology (i.e. degeneration, pain, disease, inflammation, etc.); and that if the electrical imbalance is corrected the disease does not manifest.
  • Dr. Jerry Tennant writes in Healing is Voltage that every cell in the body is designed to run at -20 to -25 millivolts and that With enough voltage and raw materials, the body can heal almost anything.” To heal, we must make new cells and that requires more energy. To make a new cell requires -50 millivolts. Chronic disease occurs when voltage drops below -20 and/or you cannot achieve -50 millivolts to make new cells. Thus chronic disease is always defined by low voltage.
Are there dangers in PEMF?
  • PEMF exercise is generally regarded as safe. Pulsed electromagnetic fields have been used in medical applications for years –from bone healing in non-union fractures, to pain reduction and wound healing and most recently depression.
  • There are different types devices that fall under the PEMF category—from small, battery-operated devices, to high-voltage generators.
  • The first of the high-intensity units was the Papimi in Greece where it is a Class ll medical device with wide-ranging applications. (For more visit
  • Researcher Magda Havas describes the benefit of the non-medical systems available today this way: “PEMF devices do not treat a specific condition. Instead they optimize the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulation functions.” (from the video Rapid Aging Syndrome)
How does high voltage (or high intensity) PEMF compare to low voltage?
  • PEMF will pass completely through the body whether it is of high or low intensity. Human biology evolved in the magnetic fields of the earth and is affected by and responds to a vast range of magnetic field intensities. The difference is the amount of charge the field will stimulate in your tissues as it is passing through the body.
  • Essentially, higher voltage is more effective when low voltage isn’t enough. High voltage PEMF also produces a sensation that patients can actually feel which helps reassure them the device is working.
  • Low Voltage machines are produced by iMRS, Bemer, and many others.
  • The magnetic field strength, how the energy is created and how it is delivered are the biggest differences. High voltage systems can produce impulses of great power that only last fractions of a second.
  • Low voltage systems produce sine waves of significantly less power.  Generally the user experiences nothing in the way of sensation using a low voltage system.
  • That said, all PEMF devices can be beneficial or produce results.
Who benefits from PEMFexercise?
  • Everyone in the modern world is subject to environmental stresses that can challenge optimal wellness. Today, our bodies rarely make direct contact with the earth which puts us closer to the inherent electromagnetic fields of energy from the earth. The charged atmosphere above us is a standing wave of energy that is stimulated thousands of times a second by lightning and an environment that humans evolved in. Today these natural energies are no longer experienced by people in their pure form. With the establishment of mobile internet, bluetooth and data transmissions, exposure levels have reached an unexpected dimension and quality. Therapeutic PEMF devices operate at an extremely low frequency, are non-ionizing and have been used safely around the world for decades. PEMF is an outside energy source that recharges stressed, underpowered cells like the batteries they essentially are so they can meet the energy demands for optimal cell function.
  • According to Dr. Reggie Gold, a pioneer in chiropractic medicine, the cells must be doing their job in order for your body to be well.  Your body is constantly replacing its cells.  If the new cells are created just as challenged as the old  (because your body doesn’t have the energy to make fully functioning cells) then you will never achieve optimal wellness. Dr. Tennant suggests the question should be not why don’t I feel good, but why aren’t I regenerating fully functioning cells?
  • PEMF exercise supports cell energy by harmlessly slipping past a cell’s exterior to deliver energy to the vital internal organelles of the cell.
What should I expect after my first session?
  • PEMF Exercise can help you feel energized, and this feeling can build for a few hours after a session.
  • If you feel tired after a session, this may be due to a detox reaction. Your body wants to clean house and is getting rid of toxins. Resting and drinking plenty of fluids may support this detox reaction.
What preparation is needed prior to a session?
Make sure you check your pockets and person and remove jewelry, watches, cell phones, credit cards and car key fobs. Place them about a foot away from the system. Also, people with electrical implants (pacemakers, cochlear implants) can’t use a PEMF device.


Why do my muscles contract?
PEMF affects the electrical system in the body first and foremost. Pulses activate nerves that feed into muscles causing involuntary contractions. These contractions will be less noticeable at lower strengths, are a normal byproduct of pulsing, and are not an issue except in the case of an acute injury when lower strengths should be used and no muscle contractions should be stimulated.


Can I do too much PEMF exercise? Are there negative side effects to PEMF?
  • PEMF Exercise is exercise so it’s important to tailor sessions to a patient’s individual comfort and needs. The experience of “too much PEMF Exercise” is usually the result of a pulse that is too strong in intensity and can result in soreness in the hours following a session.
  • In fact, light exercise is just what’s needed to support the body’s natural abilities to alleviate discomfort. If a patient calls and reports feeling discomfort sometime after the session, have them come back in for a low-and-slow session. Turn the PPS to 1.0-1.5 and MFS so low the patient only feels the magnetic field on the skin. Keep the session to 10-15 minutes  


How much PEMF exercise do I need?
  • The human body is complex, and everyone is different, therefore it is impossible to come up with an exact number on how many PEMF sessions someone would need.  There are some general guidelines though.
  • A 10-hour program can provide a basic foundation for support or recovery from an injury.
  • It is recommended that you complete all 10 1-hour sessions as close together as possible, 2-3 times a week at a minimum. Depending on the extent of your wellness challenges, injuries, age and overall wellness you could require more sessions for best results.
  • A 3 hour per week over 17 weeks has shown to dramatically improve the health of those in the poorest health.  
  • As one doctor puts it, pain is the last thing to show up and the first thing to leave—meaning that pain doesn’t manifest until the body has run out of energy to resolve an issue.  With improvement pain will diminish or even disappear, but more sessions may be needed to help the body fully recover diminishing the possibility of a re-injury.


How long do the benefits of a PEMF exercise session last?
  • Cells are similar to batteries and just like a battery your cells store energy to do their jobs. The older, more stressed and damaged the body is, the more energy cells require and the longer it takes to acquire and hold a charge. A new cell phone can hold its charge for a few hours of talk time before it needs to be recharged.  An old cell phone’s battery is different; its components are worn out and it can’t hold a charge for long.
  • PEMF energy is one requirement for optimal wellness and function. Raw materials are also necessary. The right mineral balance, nutrition and hydration help the body hold a charge longer.  How long the benefits of your session last is an indication of how depleted you are in one of those categories (minerals, hydration, nutrition), the extent of damaged tissue as well as the effects of environmental stressors.


What if I’m not seeing results?
  • PEMF exercise is always producing a result, but it may only be at the energetic level if you are pulsing low-and-slow which is entirely appropriate for sensitive individuals or acute injuries. As the symptoms of inflammation start to diminish more energy can be tolerated comfortably and you can increase pulse rate, intensity or both. Each and every patient needs to understand the difference between the sensations of the magnetic field on the skin and it passing through the body. You need to turn the magnetic field strength (MFS) and the PPS up enough so that they feel the magnetic field move through the body, like a wave. The stronger the MFS and the pulse, the greater the results will be but it should never be painful.
  • Magnetic fields can be compared to weak cells as water is to a sponge. If you took a dry sponge and put it in water, it will absorb water 100% of the time. If you have the PPS and MFS set low (which is where it needs to be for acute injuries or very frail, weak patients) the body is still absorbing it, but it will take longer to experience results.
  • It is also imperative to educate your patients that it takes on average 10 hours of PEMF exercise to develop a foundation of energy to optimize cell function. Chronic, long-standing issues may take longer to respond and a maintenance program may be required for best results.
  • The body has its own wisdom and will respond in the layers and levels that make the most sense. Consider what other stressors are present, what other organs might be involved, what additional support is needed nutritionally, are more frequent sessions required.


What's the difference between low-intensity and high-powered PEMF?
To answer that question thoroughly, a white-paper report is compiled. Please download in PDF format:

Low vs High Intensity PEMF

What PEMF machine do you use, and how does it compare to others?
We use equipment manufactured by Pulse Centers which has made more advancements in high power PEMF technology and design than any other company in the world.  Visit for more information.
Is PEMF exercise covered by insurance?
No it is not. Oftentimes patients say, “It’s too expensive if it’s not covered by my insurance.” It’s true that the marketplace is driven by demand for the cheapest products, services and solutions which often leads consumers to choose only what the insurance will cover for their wellness needs. However, the best solutions are usually not the least expensive. It takes effort and resources for you to be as well as possible. By only accepting the products and services covered by insurance, you are limited to the options available- typically physical therapy, procedures and pharmaceutical drugs with the potential for side effects.
Is it ok to use the machine on someone who has been through chemotherapy?
Yes, low and slow. PEMF Exercise can release residual chemo medication and a low-and-slow approach will diminish the chance of discomfort as it goes through the natural elimination process.
Would you say this replaces other modalities?
PEMF Exercise is so broadly useful because it is not limited to a body part nor does it treat conditions—it charges all the cells of the body. PEMF Exercise could also be complementary to other modalities and may enhance their effects.
How much time should be spent using PEMF on the head?
10 to 15 minutes initially and longer if this is an area the user wants to concentrate on.  One of our long-time practitioner owners has success with hour-long sessions divided into 20-minute sessions including: 20 minutes on the head; 20 on the area of issue; 20 on the nerve source. If there is no area of issue, charge the person’s core instead.
Can I make a claim that I am doing transcranial magnetic stimulation?
Our systems produce PEMF for the purpose of PEMF exercise to support wellness and not to treat specific conditions. The application of PEMF to the head using our accessories would not be the same, but it is delivery of magnetic fields and similar results could be experienced.
What is recommended prior to a session?
The raw materials of good nutrition, physical exercise, supplementation and hydration can improve the benefits of a PEMF Exercise program. Along with these, I suggest Pulse Fuel nutritional supplement daily.  
Does PEMF produce heat?
So little as to be negligible.
Does PEMF rehabilitate damaged cells or does it facilitate growth of new cells?
PEMF is supportive energy for the innate self-healing and self-regulating functions of the body. It acts as a catalyst to your cells to perform their normal function.
Can we use PEMF on people with stents, or metal implants?
Yes, the magnetic field will not go through metal, but will go around implants to surrounding tissue.
What is the difference between PEMF exercise and electrosmog?
  • The electromagnetic spectrum is huge, encompassing all possible wavelengths and frequencies, including X-ray, microwaves, radio waves, visible light, infrared, etc.
  • Electrosmog describes the artificially created electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields that first began developing with the rollout of the electrical grid a century ago. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field devices should not to be compared to 50/60 Hz electromagnetic radiation around high voltage power lines and transformers, which induce a continuous electromagnetic field. 
  • Today the most discussed and probably the most stress-relevant area of high frequencies are rapidly growing mobile communications with their ever-denser and higher frequencies, e.g. UMTS, LTE, WIMAX, WLAN or Bluetooth. This is partly due to the ever more widespread usage of this technology, as well as to the specific signal transmission over high frequencies and their effects on biological organisms are a much talked about wellness issue.
  • The goal of a PEMF system is to produce a magnetic field that will penetrate the body and be supportive to its natural functions. This requires a very long wavelength and low frequency. Most PEMF systems produce frequencies in the Extremely Low Frequency to Very Low Frequency range on the electromagnetic spectrum, much closer to the earth’s frequencies, are non-ionizing (they do not break chemical bonds) and have been used safely around the world for four decades in clinical environments.
Do Pulse Centers Systems produce electrosmog?
All appliances and equipment that are powered by AC electrical power will produce some EMFs. Pulse Centers Systems are enclosed in a custom-built aluminum box which acts as a faraday cage to reduce that output and it is not comparable to the dense high frequencies of mobile communications.

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